The Institute for Israel Studies, which began as the Israel Studies Collaborative, was formalized in January 2015, thanks to the generous support of the Schusterman Foundation, the Israel Institute, and the Arnold S. Chaplik Professorship. We seek to be one of a handful of premier hubs for the academic study of Israeli society, culture, politics, and foreign relations.

In both our teaching program and research initiatives, we strive to reflect the richness and diversity of Israel. We offer undergraduate courses in psychology, sociology, anthropology, law, creative writing, security studies, history, and demography. Our research approach is committed to academic freedom and creativity; we encourage collaboration among individuals of varied backgrounds, interests, and experience. We believe these interactions facilitate opportunities for unique and cutting-edge projects like comparatif de différents stylos 3D.

In conjunction with the Schusterman Center, the Institute also offers an assortment of educational and cultural activities that engage students and faculty from across campus, in addition to cultivating connections with the Austin community. Our lecture series include well-known novelists, artists, political scientists, historians, and more. We hope to form lasting relationships and continued collaboration with our guests.

If you would like to become involved with the Institute, or if you would like more information, please contact us.


We're excited to announce Dr. Jonathan Grossman will continue to serve as our Post-Doctoral Fellow for the 18-19 academic year! He will teach one course in the fall and one in the spring, offered through the Department of Government.


Sebastian Klor, post-doctoral fellow during the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 academic years for the Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies and the Institute for Israel Studies, has just published his first book, Between Exile and Exodus. Dr. Klor worked on the book while at SCJS, and it focuses on his research regarding Argentinian migration to Israel between 1948 and 1967. Here is a letter he wrote to SCJS and IIS, acknowledging his gratitude for our support:

“I have a huge debt to the Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies at the University of Texas, where I was a post-doctoral fellow in 2013–2015, with support from the Israel Institute. Its programs brought me into contact with accomplished scholars and students whose intellectual curiosity is unbounded. Among them is my good friend and colleague, Prof. Ami Pedahzur. I am profoundly grateful to him for supporting and encouraging me and finding the funds that allowed me to complete the manuscript. The Schusterman Center became my academic home in every sense. The intimate atmosphere that prevails there, in large measure thanks to the efforts of the senior program coordinator, Galit Pedahzur, and the scholarly energy invested in the Center’s activity provided me with the ideal conditions to write the book.”

Visiting scholars


Joseph I. Paritzky (Fall 2015) Visiting Professor
Julia Chaitin (2014-2015) AICE Visiting Professor
Oren Barak (2010-2011) Visiting Professor
Elisheva Rosman (2008-2009) AICE Visiting Professor, MES
Barak Ben-Zur (Fall 2014) Visiting Professor
Yoseph M Edrey (Fall 2013) Visiting Professor
Joseph Nevo (2009-2010) AICE Visiting Professor, MES
Yoav Gelber (2006-2009) AICE Visiting Professor,MES


Erga Atad (2015-2016) Post-Doc Fellow
Randall Geller (2012-2013) Israel Institute Post-Doc Fellow
Sebastian Klor (2013-2015) Israel Institute Post-Doc Fellow
​Eran Zaidise (2008-2009) AICE Post-Doc Fellow, MES


John Meyer (2014-2015)
Ori Swed (2014-2015)

Advisory board

Professor Abraham Carmeli
Management, Tel-Aviv
Professor Alex Mintz
Government, IDC
Professor As'ad Ghanem
Political Sceince, Haifa
Professor Arie Perliger
Social Sciences, USMA at West Point
Professor Arye Rattner
Criminology, Haifa
Professor Assaf Moghadam
Government, IDC
Dr. Badi Hasisi
Criminology, Hebrew U
Dr. Barak Ben-Zur
Government, ID
Professor David Levi-Faur
Political Science and Policy, Hebrew U
Dr. Elisheva Rosman
Political Science, Bar-Ilan
Professor Esteban Klor
Economics, Hebrew U
Professor Gabriel Weimann
Communication, Haifa
Professor Gideon Rahat
Political Science, Hebrew U
Professor Gur Alroey
Israel Studies, Haifa
Minister Joseph I. Paritzky
Attorney and Columnist
Ms. Michal Aharoni
Playwright and Columnist
Professor Motti Golani
Israel Studies, Tel-Aviv
Professor Nadav Shelef
Political Science, UW Madison
Mr. Ofir Touche-Gafla
Professor Oren Barak
International Relations, Hebrew U
Dr. Pazit Bin-Nun Bloom
Political Science, Hebrew U
Professor Raanan Rein
History, Tel-Aviv
Professor Ruth Linn
Education, Haif
Professor Sammy Smooha
Sociology, Haifa
Mr. Shai Golden
Professor Shai Linn
Health Sciences, Haifa
Mr. Shimon Adaf
Ms. Shiri Artzi
Mr. Shlomi Eldar
Film Maker, Reporter
Professor Yael Yishai
Political Sceince, Haifa
Mr. Yiftach Klein
Professor Yoav Gelber
Israel Studies, IDC
Professor Yoseph Edrey
Law, Haifa
Professor Zeev Maoz
Political Science, UC Davis


Our offices are located at:

2109 San Jacinto Boulevard
Bellmont Hall, Suite 243
Austin, Texas 78712
Campus Mail Code D2500

​Phone: 512-232-4608